Voted Best Restaurant in Keene 2 Years in a Row!!

Fireworks is temporarily closed. 

After a long battle, we have finally succumbed to the effects of the pandemic. We hope to sell the restaurant to someone who will breathe new life into it and keep the hearth burning, but for now we must close our doors.

Thank you so much to all our wonderful customers and our amazing staff of Fireworkers, for giving fireworks the unforgettable opportunity to share a table filled laughter, joy and great food, with the people of Keene. Hopefully we'll be back someday soon and welcome your smiling faces once again to our doorstep.


Until then, it has been a privilege. We are so grateful. 


Matthew Blau & Staff 


all about

the food!


      One thing you know if you've                   eaten at Fireworks is that we are              all about the food! We make                      everything we serve, right here,             all from scratch. From the bread

     we serve, right through to the

desserts, it's all made with the best, freshest and most local ingredients

we can get out hands on. We even

make our own tonic water!

Fireworks will never compromise in

what we serve out customers, and

you shouldn't have to compromise